3 Classic Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating On You

3 Classic Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating On You

Some people claim that they “just know” when their spouse is cheating on them, but for most of us, the process of discovering infidelity is far more complex. After all, no one likes to think ill of the person they chose to spend their life with, and many of us will willingly overlook suspicious behavior as we dislike the idea of confronting a painful reality. 

However, it’s always worth knowing what is going on in your marriage, so you can protect yourself and your family’s future. If you notice your spouse displaying any of the following signs, it may be worth contacting us at Guardian Security to see if there is any foundation to your concerns. 

1) Sudden generosity 

If your spouse is conducting an extramarital affair, the fact that they may suddenly be nicer to you seems odd. They’re cheating on you, so why would they suddenly be nice?

The reason is simple: guilt. If you see a sudden upswing in gifts and declarations of love from your spouse — and especially if this is out of character for them — it’s worth looking further into what might be behind their outpouring of affection. 

2) Lack of engagement in the future 

All marriages constantly have to plan for the future: future homes, future jobs, future college savings for your kids, and so and so forth. However, if your spouse begins to be dismissive of these thoughts and does not engage with future planning in the appropriate way, this is a sign they are not necessarily seeing a future. 

If you notice they are unwilling to think about the long-term, take this as a problem you want to investigate further. This is particularly true if they have previously expressed great interest in your future; you have a right to know why they are suddenly distracted from such thoughts now. 

3) Poor or elaborate excuses

We all like to think we’re good liars, but we’re not. In fact, very few people can tell a convincing single lie, never mind the repeated lies that are required to sustain marital infidelity. If your spouse announces they are working late, note down the details of what they are meant to be doing– and then ask them about it at a later date. “Bad traffic” and “working late” are the classic poor excuses you need to look out for, especially if they are repeated frequently. 

On the other hand, you should also be suspicious of overly elaborate excuses. If your spouse volunteers their whereabouts along with a supporting story without you asking for more details, this is a sign they have over-thought their excuse. If you notice excuses for their whereabouts seem to be overly long and detailed, then it may be worth looking closer at what’s really happening, and why they have felt the need to craft such a lavish tale. 

It is worth remembering that these signs are not proof positive of an affair; they can, however, encourage you to look deeper and furnish yourself with the information you need to proceed. We will handle your case carefully and diligently, helping to provide answers that can ease your mind, or point you towards your next case of action.