Private investigator for sexual harassment in workplace

Private investigator for sexual harassment in workplace

Sexual harassment in the workplace prevents people from being able to do their job without the threat of losing their position or of enduring inappropriate and upsetting behavior from colleagues or others. It can also occur in other environments, such as schools, and is often a barrier to equal treatment. If there has been an accusation of sexual harassment within your company, our private investigation services will help you find out the truth. Our independent investigations will gather evidence and document events to keep your employees safe and to keep you safe as an employer too.

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), sexual harassment falls into one of two categories. The first is quid pro quo harassment, in which sexual favors are demanded in return for job security or advancement. The other is a hostile work environment, which is a specific term used to describe an environment that is intimidating or offensive, due to constant inappropriate behavior, such as touching, sexual remarks, or sexual advances through any form of communication. Sexual harassment can be perpetrated by anyone, and the victim can be anyone too, regardless of gender. If either quid pro quo harassment or a hostile work environment occurs in the workplace and the employer does not do enough to address it, an employee might turn to other legal means to address it.

Sexual harassment doesn’t necessarily stretch to illegal activity. While it could include illegal actions, it is often not a criminal matter. However, some employees will consider a civil case if they feel that their employer is not doing enough to address their complaints. Some larger companies have an HR department dedicated to dealing with such issues, but smaller businesses don’t always have the ability to handle sexual harassment cases in a sensitive and thorough manner. Using our private investigation services allows your company or you as an individual to get to the truth of the matter using an independent body.

When there is an accusation of sexual harassment, it can be difficult to prove. People who harass others are often careful to carry out their behavior when there is no one else around to notice. Another issue that can occur is that certain behaviors are largely accepted within the workplace, although they should not be, meaning that people are hesitant to speak up for fear of being accused of being too sensitive or of being treated differently at work. It can be hard to convince people to give witness statements or personal testimonies, as well as find other evidence, such as emails and other communication or security camera footage.

Our experienced private investigators will use their years of police work and expertise to investigate sexual harassment complaints and find evidence to support or perhaps dismiss an accusation. We are licensed private investigators who will work with your attorney and your human resources department to discover the truth and ensure your workplace is a safe environment for everyone. We can also help organizations such as schools and universities, among others, to conduct a thorough investigation.