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Cohabiting is not a marriage or formal agreement and the law can appear to be very unfair when divorce, alimony, and/or children are involved.

Problems can arise in divorce matters when children are involved. Income and assets can also create complications in cohabitation cases. Laws have been recently developed in NJ to regulate these relationships and to assist when issues arise.

The laws that have developed require that you get expert assistance from family lawyers to advise you of the rights and duties you will have. For cohabiting couples with children, the impacts can result in misunderstandings and complications between the divorcees. This is when a lawyer and private investigator can provide the best assistance to facilitate the process for all involved. 

Alimony/Cohabitation Investigations

Alimony investigations, also known as Cohabitation Investigations, are very complex in nature and Guardian Security LLC Private Investigators Unit has had a high success rate in this area.

Alimony arrangements can become frustrating when the alimony recipient is secretly cohabitating or living with a new partner. This often results in one of two difficult situations: The alimony recipient may be using their alimony payments to financially support their new partner; or the alimony recipient may be receiving cash payments of financial support from the new partner, while concealing significant changes in finances.

Cohabitation is an area where divorce becomes exceptionally messy. The person making alimony payments is encouraged to hire a private investigator to monitor the alimony recipient and try to prove cohabitation. If cohabitation is discovered, the person making alimony payments may follow up by trying to determine the financial changes that result from the new cohabitation arrangement.

Recent New Jersey Law Clarifies the Definition of Cohabitation in Alimony Modification Cases

The recent New Jersey Alimony Reform Act clarified the meaning of cohabitation. According to this new legislation, the courts must now consider eight factors in determining whether cohabitation is occurring:Intermingled finances such as joint bank accounts and other joint holdings or liabilities;

Shared or joint responsibility for living expenses;

Recognition of the relationship in the couple’s family and social circle;

Living together, the frequency of contact, the duration of the relationship, and other indicia of a mutually supportive intimate personal relationship;

Shared household chores;

Whether the alimony recipient has received an enforceable promise of support from another individual within the meaning of subsection h. of R.S.25:1-5;

The relationship’s length; and

Any additional relevant evidence.

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