When a person is convicted of a crime, the judge reviews all information provided to him or her about the crime, the defendant, and what impact the crime has had on a victim, before passing sentence. 

In felony cases a pre-sentence investigative report (PSI) is ordered by the judge. A pre-sentence investigation is conducted by an agent from the New Jersey Department of Corrections. This agent then prepares a written report that is read before sentencing by the prosecutor, defense lawyer, defendant and judge. A PSI report contains many details about the social, family and criminal history of a defendant. Another part of the PSI is the victim impact segment. Misdemeanor cases rarely have a PSI report prepared.

Crime victims have a right to make statements to the judge before sentencing. Statements can be done by letter, in person, or both. We encourage you to take some time now to write a letter that will be forwarded to the judge in your case, as well as the district attorney and defense lawyer.

Our support team offers a variety of Statement victim/ Witness or Defendant services to help you, attorneys and law firms located throughout New Jersey area. 

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