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Matrimonial investigations and infidelity investigations are performed in order to determine if a person’s spouse, partner, or significant other is unfaithful or committing adultery. Sometimes cheaters may use overtime work as a cover for times when they are actively cheating on their partners.  He or she may not be at work, but somewhere else entirely.  GPS can be used to determine their actual whereabouts. Cheaters usually fear their significant other will find out what they’re up to.  They will become more secretive and will keep to themselves.

There are many signs your spouse or partner is cheating. If you suspect cheating pay attention to that feeling that something just isn't right in your relationship; your partner is not talking to you as much as he or she used to and has become distant, he or she is working late too often or maybe has decided to move out without giving you an explanation. You feel that you can’t even to talk to your partner and when you do bring up the subject he or she denies it. You see all of the signs but you have no proof. This is when you need to contact Guardian Security for a confidential private detective free consultation.

Signs that your partner is cheating:

A Sudden Need for Privacy

If things the two of you used to share openly have suddenly become private pay attention because something is probably going on. He or she may have started protecting his or her computer or cell phone with a password and he or she may be hiding cell phone and credit card bills. A huge warning sign is when you ask why and he or she accuses you of being nosey or of being too controlling.

Regular work routine changes

Working late is a well-known cover for a partner or spouse who is having an affair. If your partner/spouse suddenly has to work late hours after years of coming home at a certain time then it is safe to be suspicious that something is going on.

Work related excuses are used to cover for large amounts of time away from home or getting home late. The person may actually be with another man or woman. Beware of the signs.  

Your partner is spending a large amount of time on the computer

Because of today’s modern technology, a person looking to have an affair does not need to leave their home. There are internet chat rooms, online dating sites, and email accounts that contribute to emotional affairs or are a way to secretly initiate an affair that can get physical. If this is happening with your partner, you have reason to be suspicious.

There are secretive telephone calls and spending more time on the phone

If your spouse/partner is hanging up the phone suddenly when you enter the room or has erased the history on the cell phone and becomes defensive when he/she is asked about it, then you have every reason to be alarmed.  

Sudden interest in personal appearance

If your spouse/partner used to be a couch potato and is suddenly hitting the gym or working out, he/or she may be trying to improve his/her appearance to keep or get someone’s attention. Maybe he or she is getting more groomed than usual because there may be a new interested person. A new interest tends to make all of us more aware of how we look and attentive to      self-improvement in the looks and style department.

Acting guilty

Is your spouse/partner coming home with unexpected gifts such as a box of chocolates or flowers? This could be signaling guilt for something. Guild manifests itself differently in people such as in their speech, behaviors, sleeping patterns, and mannerisms. Most people do feel guilty when they are cheating on a partner or spouse. If he/she is acting out of character, pay attention. It’s a sign.

Change in sexual behavior

An unexplained change in your sexual routine (including protection) may mean he/she is enjoying activities elsewhere. If sexual behavior has changed to less often or with a few new tricks, there is reason to be concerned.  

Picking fights

Your spouse/partner may be picking fights so the two of you are arguing constantly; won’t it be easier for him/her to justify a relationship with someone else? Its human nature to want to feel like you’re not the bad guy so your arguments are now giving him/her a reason to stray. There could be anger because of family issues such as domestic issues, depression, worry, or stress but if you can’t figure out the cause, arguing with you is another sign that indicates that your spouse/partner has an interest somewhere else.

Your Own fears and suspicions

If you find yourself looking for excuses for your spouse/partner’s behavior or are trying to convince yourself that they would never cheat then that is a major warning sign.  Your intuition is frequently one of the best signs that something is wrong. If you suspect that your spouse/partner is cheating on you, you need an experienced private investigator to get the proof. Your spouse/partner will continue to lie to you. Sadly, people having affairs become excellent liars. You must trust your gut instinct and get the cold hard proof so the cheating can stop.

Hire An Expert

If you feel that he/she is not being honest then hire a professional Private Detective. If your spouse/partner’s behaviors have led you to believe there is an affair then it is time to let someone who is trained to confirm your suspicions. Do not follow your spouse/partner. You risk being discovered and that kind of confrontation is not healthy for anyone involved in this emotional situation. Hire a private investigator that will be able to confirm your fears and can obtain photographs for you. If you should decide to divorce your spouse, any evidence found by the private investigator can be used in divorce court. What the private investigator finds is admissible without prejudice and will be worth every penny you have to pay for it.

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