The Cheating Spouse

The Cheating Spouse

What To Do If You’re Suspicious

No one enters into marriage thinking they will fall victim to the statistics. Everyone thinks that their marriage will be the exception, defy the rules, and never experience any of the issues that plague other marriages– yet, sadly, many people find themselves shocked to discover that this is not the case. 

There are two main reasons you may find yourself suspicious of your spouse. The most common is regarding adultery; suspecting that your partner is having an affair. The second reason, while less common, is still troubling; suspecting that your spouse is hiding assets. If your marriage is on rocky ground, then these issues make things all the more alarming, and can prompt you to feel the need to take action. 

Of course, it’s unlikely you know exactly what action you should take. You never envisioned being in this situation, after all, so while you feel that you should do something, understanding what you should actually do can be trickier. Hopefully, the tips below should help to point you in the right direction. 

1) Hire a private investigator 

A suspicion is troubling, but it’s nothing more than a feeling; it’s nothing you can use in court. You need evidence if you fear that the issues between you and your spouse are going to see your marriage break down permanently, which is why you need a private investigator to obtain that evidence for you. We at Guardian Security pride ourselves on our ability to help turn suspicions into facts, giving you what you need to pursue the next course of action. 

2) Keep quiet 

While your private investigator goes about their work, don’t let on to your spouse that you have concerns regarding their marital or financial fidelity. This could make them “cover their tracks” (for want of a better term) and make it impossible to find the evidence that you require. So keep life as normal in the meantime, so that you preserve the trail for your private investigator to latch onto. 

If you find this difficult, you can always detach somewhat from your spouse without raising concern; go and stay with a friend, or work longer hours to avoid your spouse’s company.

3) Prepare yourself for the outcome

There are two outcomes you should prepare for when investigating the truth of what your spouse is doing: your suspicions are confirmed with documentary evidence, or there is no evidence to substantiate your feelings. While the investigation is ongoing, think long and hard about how you will deal with each outcome. If you are proven correct, will you consider divorce? If your suspicions have been misplaced, how will you go about rebuilding trust in your marriage? 

It’s easy to think that no evidence of your suspicions will ease your mind, but this isn’t always the case. It’s important to think through both outcomes during the investigation, so you are mentally and emotionally prepared for what happens next. 

In Conclusion

Having to confront the reality of a cheating spouse is never easy, but it is necessary. Hopefully, the above should help you navigate these difficult waters and move into the future that you deserve.